How To Donate



All of the contributions that are made to the church have impact both regionally and nationally. We have a connection giving system that will make the most of your money and the donation that you have made for the church. A portion of the funds are for regional ministries. Another portion of the funds goes to the general church and finally the rest goes to the fund for regional and national programs.

If you feel like you can donate more you can write on your donation certificate where you would like the funds to go to and we will do just that to make sure to get the moneys to where you see fit. We call this program Givers Choice and is usually used to promote peace and justice but also used for scholarships and for student loans or just for those that are having a hard time in life and need a little more help.

Below is a listing of project have donated and helped with with your funds.

Hunger and Poverty

Sustainable Development

The Wash Initiative

International Disaster Response

U.S. Disaster Response

Social Justice

Small Business Development


Donations Besides Money

We also take donations beside money for example we take Relief Supply Kits to help those in need in the United States and to help people sustain everyday life for people that lack the access to essentials supplies when a problem happens. The following are some of the items we are running short on as of now.

Cleaning Kits
School Kits
Hygiene Kits

Any of these items can and will be put to good use.
Contact Jeff if you have any questions or if you would like to drop off some items and thank you.